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CHANGE = Temper Tantrum (mostly)

Do people describe you as being adverse, even resistant to change? Emotionally as humans we’re wired to love that which is comfortable, especially to love and attach ourselves to that which we create, whether that’s a process, tool, place, or relationship. But what if holding onto (think vice grip-like) that which is comfortable and/or familiar is holding you back? Wanna hear a story?

Once upon a time there was a young woman who lived a comfortable southern life in Atlanta, GA, a city she'd fallen in love with, financial freedom (FINALLY), and all her friends who she loved dearly (and saw often) all in one place. HER nail salon, HER favorite places to hang out, HER mechanic, HER congregation, HER commute to work at an office she enjoyed going to – HER level comfort that she had worked hard for, in fact 17 years’ worth of “blooming where she was planted” and boy had she bloomed! She was even able to help others till their soil all while creating a well-watered, very lush garden that she enjoyed. Why should she give any of that up, amirite?

But I wasn’t growing anymore. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

My comfortable circumstances weren’t challenging me, I wasn’t being pushed outside my comfort zone, and I wasn’t sure that I was truly my best self for me and others. Most important, the “you-can-do-more” voice had been begging me to step further into my purpose of faith-based education AND starting my own business, all built on the principles of serving others. I had to get all my personalities in one room and decide what I was going to do with my life and if I was ready to make…ugh...changes in my life. Step one was for me to replace the word CHANGE for the word GROW, since growth was what I determined I was missing in my life. Once I took step one, I set sail on the journey of "everything will fall into place." I said YES to leaving what was comfortable for me and started exploring new opportunities in a new city and state. In that time, I took 8 months to plan an out of state move, 6 months to get my business launched, 1 week on a life changing trip to Africa, and 48 hours to have one of the biggest breakdowns I’ve ever had. Where I felt I mastered step one to being change resistant and practiced positive positioning (CHANGE to GROW), every part of the process required the type of project management busy-work that kept me from accepting the EMOTIONAL part of change I mentioned at the outset – fear of the unknown, what if it doesn’t work out?, what if I don’t like it?, what if they don’t like me? I needed to go back to my WHY (GROWTH) and lean into that fear of giving up what was comfortable for the sake of my personal development. So I pressed forward.

The leaves are turning here in Massachusetts and every time I look around at my serene New England surroundings, I can say that I AM GROWING! There are things related to a new environment that I’m adjusting to and I’ve made the promise to be patience with myself, you know why? Because CHANGE isn’t easy and it takes time.

Change isn't always easy

CHANGE is beautiful, if you paint it as such. If you’re working on being a better CHANGE CHAMPION, give yourself the space and time to embrace the EMOTIONAL part and be INTENTIONAL with how you plan your steps. I am GROWING, you can too!

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