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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before October 31st 🤔

You wake up, grab your phone off the charger, open social media and drown yourself in memes and posts that remind you it’s time to “Finish Strong"!” “Crush Your Goals!” “Kick it into high gear!”

Why? Because it’s October and end of the year is on the horizon. Here are three questions that you can ask yourself if you’re wading through these well-intentioned internet messages: 1.) What does it mean to me to “Finish Strong?” (or “crush it”)

If finishing the year strong looks like loosing sleep, overwork, isolation because of an increased work schedule, and overall lack of balance, you might be buying into Hustle Culture. Remember, it’s your race so you’re free to run it at your pace.

2.) How do I want to feel going into 2024? Give yourself space to take inventory on your current feelings and what can be different next year. It may be helpful to articulate how you don’t want to feel going into the new year. “I don’t want to feel overwhelmed"!” “I don’t want to feel stuck in my decisions.” Remember, nothing changes until you do.

3.) What support do I need as I close out this year?

A good support system, and we’ll add a good accountability system, are fundamental to our growth personally and professionally. This could be emotional support in the form of a counselor/therapist or tangible support like getting help with specific day-to-day tasks.

You don’t have to take it all on alone. Safe to say that there’s A LOT going on in the world right now, and online messages may have you feeling like you’re behind on your goals or that you need to add 10 additional items to your to-do list in 2023 to “Finish Strong!” Work with YBD, Schedule your 45 minute Fall Reflections & Future Forward Working Session, and walk away from our session with an increased sense of clarity, confidence and calm. We’ve dropped the price significantly on our normal consulting fees so that you can go into 2024 unstuck and not feeling overwhelmed in your career pathing. Plus you’ll receive your one-pager FRFF Roadmap to help you close out 2023 and prepare for 2024! Working Sessions run until Tuesday October 31st, book today.

You Got This -- 🧡 All the best, Coach Toia

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