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An executive coach and leadership consultant passionate about supporting women at work. 

LaToia Burkley, an executive coach and leadership consultant passionate about supporting women at work. 
YBD business coaching and consulting


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using a company-issued laptop, and swiping in and out with a badge number since I was 19 years old – I’ve seen it all when it comes to the many reasons women are benched and sidelined from their professional excellence. It is important for me to provide a safe space for women to get down to the taproot of their professional ‘why’ and help them outline what success looks like on their terms with a ‘how’ that serves them.

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My own professional journey has taken me from being an underpaid HR administrative assistant to working with key decision-makers managing employee engagement and operational strategies in corporate America. I have helped women around the world regain their confidence so they can blaze their career paths, reach their goals and live out their wildest dreams. I have helped professionals in the C-suite to develop inclusive, equitable leadership practices that foster work cultures centered on self-awareness and belonging. 

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YBD business coaching and consulting
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When I'm not coaching high-achieving women to get more of out their work life,

I’m usually somewhere with a good book, volunteering, or planning my next travel getaway. 

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YBD business coaching and consulting

Let me show you how I’ve helped other women who have faced the same challenges at work get clear on what holds them back from success and get you ready for Your Big Debut!

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) | ICF Member | Certified Professional Diversity Coach


*Accommodations, such as a sign language interpreter, can be arranged. Please let us know your individual needs. 

Sign language interpretation available at Your Big Debut
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